Featured Agency: Davis & Towle Insurance Group

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Founded in 1954 by Wendell Towle in Concord, NH, Davis & Towle Insurance Group is a full-service property and casualty group built on three generations of solid family values with seven locations and 110 employees.

Joining the family business in 2001, Ryan Towle quickly discovered that it is an exciting time to be in the insurance industry and that the future relies on the next generation of talent.

“The industry is graying, it has been for some time. My father (Jeffery Towle) and I naturally saw a lot of opportunity in bringing in young talent and I think we’ve been successful in doing so. If you can find good, talented people that have the right skills and the right background, they can be very successful in this business.”

Photo of the owners of davis and towle insurance group

It is this type of forward thinking that has helped Davis & Towle grow to become one of New Hampshire’s largest locally owned independent insurance agencies. As a family-owned organization, they are guided by a rich tradition of protecting their community, with a genuine interest in their clients’ well being. It is these types of traditions that they hope to instill in the next generation.

“Our job is to give them the right tools and support and the right relationships, relationships that can last their whole life. It’s really a great career for a millennial. You can have strong reputations in the community, you can be well regarded, you can be active, and you can basically build your own business.”

For Davis & Towle, MMG shares and supports their common values and continues to make their partnership worthwhile. “When you have a lot of insurance companies you work with, you can tell some want to have a partnership but they don’t really know how to be partners. MMG knows. You appreciate doing business that way because in the insurance industry not everything is black and white, there are shades of gray. And you need to be able to pick up the phone and know the person you’re talking to is on the same team and wants to help you solve that problem.”

When it comes to a forward thinking strategy, MMG and Davis & Towle are definitely on the same page. “MMG is a friendship. MMG is a partnership. MMG is somebody you can call and have a fair, open, and candid conversation with. They listen. We’ve been together since 2009 and every year is better than the last. I’ve never looked back.”